Monday, September 5, 2011

first day of second grade

my little girl is in second grade. i cant believe little girl is in second grade!!!!!

check out her first day of school outfit. isnt she just the cutest!!???

blowing kisses goodbye to mom and dad

mom and kenadees first day of school tradition. i always color a heart on her hand to remind her how much i love her!!!

a sweet daddy daughter moment. mike was telling her how proud he is of her.

how she makes us proud. she makes my heart smile.

i wasnt going to go to the bus stop, but i decided to anyway. kenadee told me to 'just go mom'. i think she was glad i stayed. this will probably be the first and last time she is first in line at the bus stop. she had to be there before anyone, and she was by about 5 minutes!!!

she loved her first day and has met lots of new friends along with some friends from her first grade class and kindergarten. kenadee also loves her teacher mrs. fackrell.

what a beautiful sweet smart little second grader we have. love you lots kenadee

LUcKy # 7 biRtHdAy

introducing the birthday girl....miss kenadee mumm...7 years old

she is growing up way too fast. we cant believe it has been 7 years!!! wow!!!
kenadee and her cousin mazy

one of her birthday gifts, a monster high doll!!

it was a 'smurfin' fun birthday!!!

all smiles

and one of her presents from mom and dad. a little kitty that looks so even breathes!!

make a wish, blow out the candles and lets eat a lot of cake!!!

we had a great birthday celebration with family. we feel so blessed and lucky to have a beautiful daughter. we love you kenadee mumm!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011 MOAB

yes...we had to redeem ourselves from our last trip to moab. AND WE DID!! this trip was a couples only trip with chris & staci maryott, joe & stacey orduno, keri & mike, and heather & courtney. and just so everyone knows...i had never left kenadee for more than one night until this trip...i survived and i dont think kenadee really missed me. mike and i had a fantastic time!!!

here are some of our pictures.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

moab 2011

maybe a better blog title for this post would be 'the mishaps of moab 2011'. despite the mishaps, we had a great time. our first day in moab...saturday. our first trail...'the pickle' (but we couldnt find it)

so we stopped for lunch. mishap #1.

chris had a very dead battery. notice all jeeps with the hoods up...trying to get a charge to chris' jeep!!!

mishap #2.
we took two jeeps back to the condo and dropped off the kids and wives. mike picked up a new battery and headed back up the trail. cruising through the sand dunes mike hit a rock and...

not one but 2 tires he blew!!! that is a blown tire!!!
remember it is saturday, no tire stores open, and even if they were they didnt have his size. we are very grateful for friends in the tire business. so...we spent a lot of time at the pool.
kenadee and jordyn
crazy steve...
the ordunos and the maryotts went jeeping on sunday without us, we were at the pool.

mishap #3
no pics, i was not there...broken rear drive line on steves jeep!!! luckily the guys are like magyvire and can fix anything with duct tape and bailing wire!!! (not sure if that is what they really used, but you know what i mean!!). they were back on the trail and heading back to the condo...carefully.
again...crazy steve entertaining us and he soaked us on this cannon ball.
the kids loved the hot did mike!!!

monday...the mumms plus jordyn (the only girl other than kenadee) went to arches national park.
this is the bridge over the colorado river just as you go into moab.

one of my favorite pics. kenadee said this was her favorite part of our trip to arches. "climbing on 'camoflauge mountain' ". that is what she named it.
okay, i love this picture too...who wouldnt???

kenadee and jordyn. can you guess how old jordyn is?? she is 11, kenadee is almost 7!!!

mike and kenadee at balancing rock. i truly love this place. moab is amazing and arches is incredible. i told the girls that 'someday they would appreciate the beauty here, not today or next year...but someday!!!'

more swimming. the kids loved it. that is all they cared about is going to the pool. last year it was pretty cold so we only went once or twice!!!

we always have a 'girl' picture on the trail, but since we (the mumms) were still waiting for tires we didnt get to go jeeping with the others. so our 'girl' pic was taken at our condo.

and of course we have to have a 'guy' picture.

the marryotts had to leave a day early for a funeral, so they left tuesday morning. boo!!!

but we were back on the road late tuesday morning with two new tires!!! we are ready to go jeepin'...

the orduno family. hells revenge trail. one of our favorites!!

boys being boys...playing around. mikes rear tire was off the ground!!

the mumm family!!!

our little jeep model!!!

and mishap #4. (no picture...actually it is on the next post of misc pics) coming out of hells revenge, steve hit a rock and bent/tweeked his front hydrolic 'something'. they hammered and pushed and got it back in place!!!

'potatoe salad' i was told that this was the most 'rolled' obstacle in moab!! it doesnt look that bad until they start climbing it, then you see. notice mikes front tire...

oops...these are a little out of order. this was monday night before the maryotts left. going to dinner at pasta jays. a must!!!

the maryott famiy.

kenadee and mom...a picture by the kokpelli. a tradition!!!

the kids...

ryan o, talon m, jordyn m, kenadee, zander m, ben o, gavin m.

they were so much fun!!!

kenadee and jordyn. not bad for a self portrait taken by kenadee!!

so...all in all we made it a great trip!!!
new battery...$100?

2 new tires...$1000

fixed rear drive line...$???
a trip to moab...priceless.

we all had the attitude that we were in moab with warm/hot weather, blue skies, swimming pool, and friends...much better than being at work!!!!

our moab mantra...

and last but not least...mishap #5.

steves truck pulling his jeep home overheated the entire drive from moab to spanish fork. it took them 12 hours to get there, and mike went into the canyon to get them...their truck was not making it out of the canyon. they had to get another truck and tow their jeep home to logan, then turn around and go back to get the truck. luckily the damage was not as bad as they had thought!!!

are we ready to go back??? YES!!!

thanks ordunos and maryotts for a great and unforgettable time!!!

misc pics of moab...

this is mishap #3. broken rear drive line. getting it fixed!!!

i scream...

you scream...

we all scream for ice cream!!! steve and cassie.

mishap #4. i do have a picture. this is the bent/tweeked front hydrolic 'something'!!! got it back in place.

not sure what obstacle this was. but damn...that is steep. hold on steve!!!

'the pickle'. they found it. chris told me the first year we were in moab and on this trail that it was my job to look for rain clouds. WTH??? he said if it starts to rain we are in a 'pickle' this little place fills up with water in a hurry when it rains!!! luckily we had no rain!!!

incredible, dont you think???