Saturday, July 24, 2010


i am getting caught up on my blogging...finally!!!

mike and i celebrated our 13th anniversary
on july 18
in north platte nebraska.
(pictures of our trip will come later).

let this be our destiny to love, to live, to begin each new day together, to share our lives forever...on july 18th, 1997 i married michael allen handsome prince, my best friend, my soul mate, my everything!!! i cant believe it has been
13 years...and i cant wait for more!!!!

thanks to my sister who gave me the idea...i started the tradition of wearing my veil on our anniversary. yes, it even went to nebraska with me. mike even asked before we left if i had packed it. the first year i wore it i think he thought i had gone a little crazy...but now it is something we both have fun with.

kenadee loves wearing my veil...she asks me all the time if she can play with it. the answer is always no, but she gets to wear it for a few minutes on our special day. maybe someday...not too soon...she will be wearing it for her wedding!!!
oh how i love my husband...yesterday, today and forever...

mikes fathers day

our fathers day tradition is always taking pictures of kenadee for her daddy.
we always go to the same spot and have them put in a little frame.
it is a fun thing to do and mike says it is a must until she is at least 18!!!

here are a few of the pictures.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

forty is fabulous...

i am trying to get caught up on my blog. nothing exciting happened all winter and now there is so much to blog birthday for one!!!
if you know me well you know i love birthdays... i think everyone should love their birthday!! it is a very special day! so this year i turned the big four-oh!!!
i celebrated with mike and friends at cafe sabor. my big day was actually on fathers day so mike and i celebrated together with family. it was great!! my birthday
present was a new camera...i have wanted one for a long time. now i
just need to learn how all the bells and whistles work.
thank you so much to my family and friends for a very great birthday...especially my incredible husband!!!
cheers to being 40!!!

birthday kisses from my honey!!

cant have a birthday dinner at cafe sabor with out the sombrero!!! i was going to give you all 40 fabulous facts, but i cant think of that many!!! hey...what facts do you know???

remember...celebrate your birthday...
it is your day and you deserve a ParTy!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer fun

finally...some summer fun pictures. we had a fantastic time in moab with the ordunos, the maryotts and their families!!! a few little mishaps...throwing up kids...and adults, almost tipping over 2 jeeps, a 'little' rain storm, broken down jeeps!!!
mom, dad, and kenadee...we love jeepin'

me and my honey

kenadee and mommy
after the rain...very muddy jeeps, but very happy boys!!
boys will be boys...

one of my favorite pictures

yes, we had a little rain...check out the waterfall. awesome!!

mike on the obstacle 'white knuckle'.

hmmmm....i wonder why they call it that???

the boys and their toys...mike, steve, joe, chris

the jeepin' boys

and all the kids...ben, kenadee, talon, jordyn, alec, ryan, garrett, gavin, zander.

the 'little jeep' did great!!!
cant wait until next time!!!