Tuesday, April 28, 2009


while watching american idol tonight with mike and kenadee i had a proud moment.
i thought kenadee was watching and listening to danny gokey sing but she was
concentrating on something else.
kenadee sounded out the word at the bottom of the screen...
f ah x...f ahx...fahx...fox.
'mom that says fox!!!'
she is on her way to reading.
what proud parents we are!!!
i still can't believe my little girl will
start kindergarten in the fall.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

pay it forward

okay...i am in on the 'pay it forward'

this is how it works...
the first three people to comment on this 'pay it forward' post will receive a special something from me sometime during the year. when and what will be a surprise. (to me as well...ha ha)
in order to play along, you must post this on your blog and 'pay it forward'. that means that sometime this year you will send three gifts as well...got it???
so...good luck!! and have fun!!

this post is different from my 'copy cat' post!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

CoPy CaT!!

okay...so i am being a cOpY CAt!!! many of my bLoGGiN' fRIeNdS have been doing
give-aways, or prizes or yummy treats for the first ones to comment (which i am never quick enough to win!!)...so here i go!!!

as you saw at Christmas time i made very cute 'names' for my nieces...NO that is not your prize...well now i am making very cute magnet boards for their birthdays to match.
a very cute magnet board made by 'yours truly' is YOURS
for first two to respond.
i hope you live close by, because it may take me a while (never) to ship it to you!!! (deena if it is you i will bring it to you someday when i am at my dads!)
here is a couple that i made for b-day presents.

my way of saying thanks for reading all my non-sense CrAZy bLoGgiN' mUmbO jUmbO!!!
'friendship lightens every burden and makes the sun shine brighter!!!'
thanks to you ALL for being a friend!!
ready, set, GO comment!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


as you all know by now, kenadee has an imaginary friend...charlotte. well the other night i asked her where she was and she told me that 'charlotte is missing'. kenadee decided to hang up posters so everyone could look for her. remember...charlotte is invisible so it might be hard to find her!! if you see her please call kenadee at the # on the poster!! the next day i was doing kenadee's hair and she told me not to bump her because she was holding charlotte's baby. so i asked if she had been found.

'no mom, i am taking care of her baby. she has one every day and she mails it to me so i can take care of it!!'

we believe charlotte is back. (although i have not yet 'seen' her!) on our way home tonight i asked kenadee if charlotte had been found and she said yes, but she

'will not be back for 15 years!!! she fell on the dresser and broke her head and she is with the doctor.'
she then picked up her princess phone and called the doctor.

'doctor, how is charlotte??? yes ...okay...good bye' then she tells me,
'good news mom, charlotte is coming home tonight!'
so after we were home for awhile i asked her if charlotte was home and she said she was at the door. we are glad to say that

'charlotte is back and her head feels great, except she got stitches...and oh...she is having another baby'
where does she come up with this stuff????
what an imagination.
i feel as though i should start a blog for
'the adventures of kenadee and charlotte!!!'
i hope you all get a giggle out of this like we do!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


what a great time we had this year for Easter.
we had the traditional egg hunt at grandma donna's with kenadee's cousins from springville (my brothers kids!!)
charlie,kenadee, & hali.

after the egg hunt we colored eggs at grandma's. then it was time to go home and color MORE eggs at our house for the Easter bunny to hide.

kenadee woke up Easter morning about 5 minutes after the Easter bunny had finished hiding the eggs...yep...the bunny almost got caught. in fact, mike told kenadee that he saw the Easter bunny in our neighborhood when he was driving home from work!!! she said she was 'just so excited'...the Easter bunny left her a hula hoop, jump rope, flip flops, slippers and spring/summer clothes...and also a littlest pet shop 'duckee' for the computer. and of course some 'peeps'

kenadee had a great morning finding all the Easter eggs...then we went to grandma's again for a big Easter dinner...yummmmyyyyy!! ham, mashed potatoes and ham gravy, jello salad (of course!) and more. i made my yummy strawberry/lemon triffle!!!
kenadee was our little sunshine with her cute Easter dress.

we hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday as much as we did. we are so grateful for the blessings we have. and especially JESUS who sacrificed so much for US!!!

God bless you and your loved ones.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

kenadee's easter prayer

oh how PROUD i am of my little girl. friday night we read the story 'what is Easter' (it is great, i highly recommend it...and also 'what is Christmas'). i really didn't think kenadee was paying that much attention to the story. it talks about the Easter bunny and candy, the new Easter dress, jelly beans, coloring Easter eggs...then it tell the real story of Easter and how Jesus died on the cross for us, and how he now sits next to God and wants to be in our hearts. well...saturday night at bed time i told kenadee it was her turn to say prayers, after the 'no it is your turn', and 'you have to repeat', and 'isn't it daddy's turn', and 'i dont' want to say them', she finally gave in and said her prayers. this is what she said...
(i wish i had the camcorder out so i remembered every detail...but who knew this is what would happen??!!)

"Heavenly Father, thank you for this beautiful day. bless all the children. thank you for all that you give us. thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us. bless the Easter bunny will come to our house. thank you God for all of our blessings. we pray that you will have a great day in heaven, and grandma C too...and that her wings don't fly off in heaven. thank you God, i love you so much and Jesus too, you are the best. hope daddy drives home safe from work in the morning.

wow!!! how my heart swells and my eyes water...she makes me so proud.
i hope and pray for YOU and your loved ones this beautiful Easter season. may Jesus live in your hearts like He does ours. and to all of our angels in heaven...hold tight to your wings 'so they don't fly off in heaven'.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


on charlotte...
i was cleaning out kenadee's closet and i found a little stuffed animal, i guess it was not an animal but it was a ghost. and i remembered how 'charlotte' came about!! my mom gave kenadee this 'ghost' for halloween and she named it charlotte...and now here we are with an imaginary friend.
yesterday kenadee was telling me and a friend that charlotte lives in mexico now and she is eleven and a half!! she had a baby...'one hour ago'. the baby looks like minnie mouse!!!
i will keep you updated on the happenings of charlotte!!

update: april 10th
charlotte got married the other day (its a good thing since she keeps having all these babies) she is still in mexico. kenadee told me today that she had to go to the dentist to 'have a cavity...she had to get a shot in her teeth and in her gums' she also was in a car accident and had to have a shot in her neck...oops, now the shot was in her foot. but now she is in heaven???!!! where does my kenadee come up with this stuff!!??

Thursday, April 2, 2009


kenadee has a best friend...her name is charlotte...
she is her imaginary friend...she is a ghost (most of the time)
i am not sure where or how charlotte came about or even when,
it has been at least a year, but what an
adventure it has been with charlotte around!!!
i asked kenadee this morning about her and this is what she said:
'charlotte is at mckaylas house (her other friend...imaginary too)...she is great...she lives in America...her skin is white (she is invisible)...she is really great to have as a friend...she used to live in Utah, England ('it is not winter there' she says) and Nebraska...she loves to do flips in the air...she is sometimes nice and sometimes naughty...we like to play on the merry go round, it is very big but it doesn't touch the ceiling.'
does that give you an idea of charlotte?? :)

after picking kenadee up at my moms one day she told me:
'we left charlotte at grandmas'
'well we can not drive back and get her'
'we have to mom'
well, she can hear YOU so you call to her and tell her to hurry and catch us in the car'
'charlotte...get in this car!!! okay mom, she is here. charlotte you stay in the car!!'

when i was a little girl i had an imaginary friend also...her name was paula. she went everywhere with me. we even had to set a plate at the table for paula.
what an imagination kenadee has. it has been alot of fun listening to kenadee play with charlotte, and even blaming her for some things!!! we have not yet had to set a plate at the
table for charlotte...that day may come.
did YOU have an imagnary friend?? does YOUR kids have one???
i think charoltte will be with us for quite sometime!!!