Friday, March 18, 2011

happy #2

this makes me happy.
july 18th, 1997

Friday, March 11, 2011


okay so my friend heather has been posting pictures on her blog every day that make her happy. she even challenged her other blogging friends to do the same. heather...i thought about it but i couldn't commit to every day...maybe a few times during the month!! so here is my picture that makes me happy.
kenadee is 6 so that means wiggly teeth!! i have called her my 'hillbilly' for days because this tooth was so loose it was pointing sideways!! it was not a happy and exciting moment until after the tooth came out. before it was a nightmare. tears, crying, some yelling, drama, and did i say tears??? kenadee did not want to pull it. (she said it hurt. it couldn't have because it was barely hanging on!!!) and then...
HAPPY is that not the cutest toothless smile ever??? i sure think so.