Tuesday, October 26, 2010


today kenadee brought home a book from the school library. it is a very large 200 page book with many short stories in it. she says she will not take it back until she (not me) has read it all!! she began reading it as soon as she got home from school.
this is how our conversation went tonight while doing homework...
kenadee: mom you may have to help me with the big words.
mom: sure, but big words are just little words put together. and words make sentences and sentences make stories and...
kenadee: and stories make JOY!!! mom, maybe when i get bigger i can sit on a stage and read stories to parents and their children...i would bring them so much JOY!!!
oh how kenadee brings me so much JOY!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


well i lost a tooth
whatever shall i do?
I'm left with a window,
and my tongue is peeking through.

kenadees first loose tooth took forever to come out!!!

we tried everything to get it out...
(other than holding her down and pulling it with pliers!!)

...we even tied it to the door. the string slipped right off her tooth!!!

could the tooth be any looser??? after 30 minutes of trying to get her to 'pull' it, i left her alone in the bathroom. i really thought she would come running out with her tooth in her hand. nope!!!
i told her if i didnt pull it out the first time i tried i would give her $20!! nope!!! she said...'mom, it is not about the money!!!' wow...i thought loosing a tooth was all about the money!!! i was worried she would swallow it in her sleep, (it was barely hanging on!!). nope!! then i worried she would loose it at school on her field trip. i sent her with a baggie in her pocket. nope!!! then tonight after prayers and a snuggle i asked if i could try to pull it. kenadee was still really nervous, and was scared that it would hurt. we decided to tie a string on it again and she was going to pull the string and therefor...pull the tooth. i knew if i got the dental floss around it, that little tooth didnt have a chance of staying connected!! i was right...i barely moved the string and it popped right out!!!

she was so excited to finally loose a tooth. she called her daddy first and then grandma donna. she did a little dance and of course posed for a picture. and now i think she is finally asleep!!
i guess all that is left is for the tooth fairy to come!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

kenadee...and think pink

my sweet little kenadee, and hugs with mom and with dad. i have had a lot of fun with my new camera and photo shop!!! just one i wanted to share!!!

hope all is fabulous with YOU and your loved ones. i am so blessed to have an amazing family and fantastic friends!!!

oh...its october...remember toand... please support breast cancer awareness!!!