Saturday, April 16, 2011

a little bit of this and that...

i know i know... it has been awhile!! so here are a couple of pics and stories of what has been happening at the mumm house for the last little while.

back in november i heard that bon jovi was coming to concert. i heart jon bon jovi!!! so mike and i decided to go, along with dave & christine and casey & holly. what a fantastic time. bon jovi played for over two hours and he was AWESOME!!! I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!

mike told me he would buy me front row seats next time...just to see me that excited and having a great time. can you tell by my face in the picture i was having fun???

when bon jovi comes again...i will remind mike of what he said about front row seats!!!

kenadee drew a picture of how she wanted me to do her hair. now normally this wouldnt worry me too much, but kenadee can be a little bit particular when it comes to her hair and other things too. and if it is not just right...well, she is 6 so you know what can happen!!!

i did great...she loved it. the pictures were taken after school so her ponytail had dropped a little bit. but dont ya just love the picture she drew!!??

my great friend deena and her daughter madison came up for spring break. (it is now an annual thing). i have not had the time to photo shop and put all the pics together like she has. so i am going to wait for her to email them to me so i can copy hers to share with my blogging friends. (got the hint deena??)

i cant wait for spring...sunshine, warm weather, going topless (in the jeep!!), flowers blooming, birds singing, and being outside. it has been a long winter...bring on the spring and summer!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

introducing taylor james

well here he new little nephew. isnt he so cute!!