Friday, November 28, 2008

a great day

what a wonderful thanksgiving
and a beautiful day.
of course we ate until are tummies were about to pop with yummy food at grandma donnas. i was so grateful to be with my family to celebrate. mikes cousins from nebraska came to utah to enjoy the thanksgiving holiday with the mumms. it is great to see them!! we all took our turn to say what we are thankful for. here is what our sweet kenadee said this year.
'i am thankful for my family and friends. thank you for this beautiful day. for Jesus and God and our blessings. thankful for my mommy and my daddy and my koko.' then looking around the table. 'i am thankful for my grandma (donna) and my grandpa (andy) and my other grandma (betty)' and with a very big smile 'and chad' (her cousin who she loves very much!!!). 'and thankful for our food...amen' yes... she is a thoughtful little girl. at bedtime she told us again what she was thankful for and sang it in a song. she is such a little sweetheart. i truly am blessed to have an amazing daughter and a wonderful husband. i hope you enjoyed your thanks giving as much as we did. thank you all for your friendship!! and no i did not get up at the crack of dawn this morning to go shop...i'm going later!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


THANKSGIVING is an incredible holiday. a client last week told me it was his favorite because it is not over commercialized and it is a time to appreciate and acknowledge the many things we have. i agree!! so here is my thankful list...some are heartfelt, some are silly and some just we go.
*mike; my sexy, hardworking amazing husband. i respect and admire him so much. especially for the great dad he is to kenadee and the loving husband he is to me. *kenadee; my beautiful, sassy, sweet daughter. she has changed my life. she makes my heart smile, sing and laugh. the sparkle in her eyes makes everyone smile. *koko, our best little puppy. *family and friends. *whitney and erik. *birthdays. *falling leaves. *snuggling with my honey. *kenadees sweet laugh. *sidewalk chalk. *colorful sunsets. *grandmas and grandpas. *flowers. *sunday dinners at grandma donnas. *first stars to make a wish on. *playing princesses. *TV, movies, books, music. *chocolate. *sushi. *house to call home. *ice cream. * job i love. *hair color. *digis...blogging made much easier! *health. *a hand to hold. *foot rubs. *America. *dinner as a family. *hugs and kisses. *cartoons in the morning. *warm bath with candles. *warm coffee on a cold morning, sangria after a long day. *girls night. *love...pure and *GOD...for blessing me in so many ways.
i hope you enjoy this thanksgiving and take a moment to appreciate all the blessings we have.
thanks to all of you for your friendship.
God bless you and your loved ones.

Friday, November 21, 2008

unicorns, butterflies and rainbows

every year at thanksgiving dinner we all say what we are thankful for. i have to tell you what kenadee said last year. it was her turn and she folded her arms and said 'i'm not thankful for anything!' okay. then a minute later she perked up and said 'i am thankful for unicorns, butterflies and rainbows'. what a sweetie, can't wait to hear what she is thankful for this year!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

is it twilight yet??

i can't believe it is almost time for the long awaited twilight girls night!!! i am so excited. my countdown says 2 hours, but i won't see edward and bella for about 21!!! i know most of you reading this is just as excited as i am. i'll see YOU at the movies!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

my personality

okay here is mine...

hey friends, what do you think. is this me????

Your Personality Cluster is Extraverted Intuition

You are:

You are a true wordsmith and a master of words.

You are original, spontaneous, and a true inspiration.

Highly energetic, you are up for any challenge.

You are entertaining and engaging... both to friends and strangers

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


i am not sure how i did it, but i got this little countdown to twilight on my blog. damn...i mean dang... i am getting good at this blogging stuff. thanks cassie...i got it from your blog!!!! emily and jamie...are you so proud of me??!! i can't wait for our girls night out.

Monday, November 3, 2008

our little 'asian girl'

halloween was a lot of fun this year. kenadee dressed up as 'a little asian girl with chopsticks in her hair and a bun' (as she would say). so mike and i decided to go with the asian theme. my costume is actually my mother-in-laws pj's!!! and i borrowed mikes karate apparel from a friend at work. we look pretty great!!! since kenadee was born mike has worked every halloween until this year. they carved pumpkins together and he took her trick-or-treating to sunshine terrace while i was at work. (if you have not been to sunshine terrace to trick-or-treat, you really should go next year. the little ladies and men love to see all the cute children...i think it makes their entire month exciting!!) after that we went to my mom's for pizza and then to the grandmas and grandpas. gotta make the rounds!!! when we finally got home we went trick-or-treating around our was great!!!! especially to see all of our fabulous friends and their children dressed up. kenadee was so cute and fun. she is now big enough to go knock on the doors and say 'trick or treat'. mike and i are quite the proud parents!!!! i hope you all enjoyed halloween as much as we did.
mike and kenadee and their great pumpkins!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


mike and kenadee carved pumpkins this year and had a great time. kenadee was up to her elbows in pumpkin guts and loved every minute of it. mike is great at carving pumpkins. we had a pumpkin for dad, mom, kenadee and koko. they did them while i was gone, what a fun surprise when i got home!!!