Sunday, May 31, 2009

my little tueller

okay, so my posts are not in chronological order...oh well!!!

kenadee's 'tueller' dance review was a couple of weeks ago
and she was so adorable (of course).
after the last few months of dance lessons i wondered if we were going to make it to the 'big stage' for the review!! she did not want to go and once we got there she would cry when i would leave. it was heartbreaking, but when i came to pick her up she was having a great time! well we made are a few pictures of our little dancing girl...
oh so pretty...
the theme was "rockin' through time".
they did the dinasaur dance, you know...
'open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinasaur'
(yes i know you will be singing it all day)
showing off and striking a pose!
how can you dance so well and NOT recieve flowers...she had to
have all of her flowers in her room!!! the daisies she got from dad
and we planted them in the back yard.

at one point watching kenadee mike turned to me and said 'i just realized there are other kids dancing!!' yes there was but when kenadee was on stage she is the only one we saw!!!

next year she said she wants to take tumbling so we will take a break from dance. but i am sure ther will be many more dance reviews in our future!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

our weekend in boise

we spent memorial weekend in boise at mike's little brothers house...along with the rest of the family too!! we had a GREAT time. farmers market...water, (kenadee has her very own 'princess' fishing pole. she cast out the line, waited, and reeled in her very own fish...all by herself!!)...not much and fun!!!

uncle judd, kenadee, and aunt jill

you know us!!

check out the next post for kenadee's exciting day...

'the best day of my entire life'

we had quite the eventful weekend, but the greatest moment was when we were on our way to dinner, hooters...yes hooters and it was my choice because i do LOVE their wings!!! out of the blue kenadee said 'maybe i should get my ears pierced'. what??!! we have not talked about this for several months and she said she did not 'have holes in her ears' (meaning she didn't want her ears pierced). she asked all the questions that a very nervous 4 year old would it going to do they do it...will i choose my earrings...and so on...we answered all her questions and told her that she is very brave and it would only hurt for a second!!! 'okay she said' i told her to ask dad since he had said we would wait until she was a little older. he said okay too!!! and off we went to the mall...she walked right into claires and found kelly. 'i want to get my ears pierced' she said. and here are the before, during and after pictures...enjoy!

kenadee and kelly...getting to know each other. she was terrific with kenadee!!! and answered all of her questions...there were many!

getting the 'dots' on...'are they even?'

squeezing the 'claires' bear!!

double duty...ready, set...

'i can't believe i got my ears pierced,
this is the best day of my entire life!!!'
kenadee was so brave and so cute. what a great time!!

continued pics of 'best day'

all smiles...and absolutely no tears or screams!!! she was so happy. she kept tucking her hair behind her ears, which she rarely does!!
a close up of her 'chosen' daisies

kenadee and daddy
mommy and kenadee

kenadee was so excited to have her ears pierced!!! she told everyone, everywhere we went,
'i just got my ears pierced!' all she would say throughout the day was
'i can't believe i got my ears pierced'. we can't believe it either!!!
now she keeps asking, 'when can i change my many more days... and so on!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day...

what a special day.

i LOVE mother's day, especially since it took me so long to become a mom. my day was spent with my beautiful family and fabulous mom...going to breakfast, and buying lots and lots of flowers and planting
them in my mom's yard, (our tradition).

grandma donna, kenadee and keri

i hope all mom's got the great recognition they deserve for being a great mom to their children. kenadee gave me a beautiful book 'why daughters need a mom' and a very cute picture frame that she made at school with her picture in it.

you may not know this about me but i LOVE cards. mike knows this and i tell him all the time...'all i want is a nice card'. he did GREAT this year.

kenadee's card was perfect, this is what it said...
'thanks for taking good care of me, for loving me lots, and raising me right. thanks for being the perfect mom for me.
mike's card was great too...
'you are the one who makes family occasions happy, our private times a joy, and our home a place of comfort and support.'

my family...oh how i love them!!!

what special women moms are, especially all the ones that have touched me. i have five, yes five sets of parents and that makes five very special mom's in my life and i appreciate all of them so much. i can't celebrate today without thinking of another very special mom; kenadee's birthmother, whitney. because of her unconditional selfless love, i became a mom!!! i respect and admire her for her strength and the most precious gift i have ever recieved...a child.
happy mother's day...
and thank you to everyone who made my day so special!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

teacher appreciation week

thanks to my great friend emily, she let me know that it is
teacher appreciation week.
luckily i saw her blog yesterday and it reminded me of this week and what i could do for kenadee's great pre-school teacher...blaire. after racking my brain i decided to do one of my cute magnet boards so she could put pictures of her class on it. so here it is...

the little magnets are hard to see but they actually spell out blaire's name. kenadee has loved her teacher and has so much fun in school. to all teachers out there, you are much appreciated and i hope you are told that many times this week. thanks for all you do for our kids!!