Monday, November 8, 2010

cookies & milk

last night kenadee woke up from a bad dream and came into our bedroom. she asked me if i would tuck her into her bed and snuggle with her for a minute. of course i said yes...i love to snuggle with her!! as soon as i got comfy and warm next to kneadee mike got up and went into the kitchen. kenadee heard him and asked what daddy was doing. i told her he was probably just getting a drink.
my husband has this crazy late night habit of having cookies and milk (chips ahoy), usually in the middle of the night. i have been 'invited' to his late night snack on several occasions, but usually i am fast asleep and i dont realize he is gone. kenadee knows about his little habit and tells her daddy that she wants to join him sometime. of course he does not want to wake her at 3 am for chips ahoy!!!
but last night was different...she was already awake and she knew he wasnt just getting a drink. 'daddy is having cookies and milk, can i go too??' of course i said yes!! she flew out of the bed and joined him in the kitchen. i almost got up to join them but decided that this was a daddy daughter moment. i waited in kenadees bed just listening to the two of them, i couldnt hear what they were saying but i knew they were enjoying their special 'cookies and milk' time!! after they were finished we all snuggled as a family in kenadees bed (hers is the most comfortable) for a few minutes...until kenadee says, 'mom, can i tell you something in your ear?? you can go back to your bed now.'
what a special time for all of us...thanks mike and kenadee!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil


anybody going to go with me???


congratulations to my sweet friend sandra anderson!!!
my wonderful friend shay introduced me to sandra a few years ago. shortly after that she was in a sledding accident that left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair. i can not even begin to imagine the struggles, and the hard times she has endured since her accident. but i do know this...sandra is an amazingly strong, sweet, loving and beautiful woman...inside and out.
on tuesday november 2nd, sandra was a contestant in the ms wheelchair utah pageant. i was so excited to hear that she was doing this. she came into the salon a few days before to get her hair colored and cut for the big night!! i really wanted to be there for her (it was on a school night!!) and to see and hear the other incredible stories of the others. i asked sandra what her talent was and she said that it was a surprise. she wrote and sang a beautiful song. i watched it on line and it brought tears to my eyes as i am sure it did to everyone watching. (she told me she would give me my own private performance...yay me!!!) i couldnt wait to hear all the details about her big night. i got on facebook the next morning and looked at her page.
wahoo!!! i was so excited and happy for her. i could barely write a comment because i had huge tears in my eyes!!! (check out my comment...the very first word is misspelled!!) i am so proud of this amazing woman, and her accomplishments!! i can not wait to follow her through out the next year as she shares her beautiful story and message to so many people!!
sandra, you truly are an inspiration to me and so many others.
i am proud and blessed to call YOU my friend!!
good luck to you all you do in life!!!