Sunday, July 19, 2009

12 years and counting...

july 18th 1997 mike and i said 'i do' at sherwood hills resort surrounded by family and friends. what and incredible day...and here we are 12 years later!!!
my tradition is wearing my veil on our anniversary. mike thought i was a little crazy the first year but he looks forward to now every year!!! i can't imagine spending my life with any other man than mike. he is my soulmate, my true love, he gives me strength and compassion, love and respect. we have become stronger over the years. i never thought i could love anyone like i loved mike the day we married, but i have to admit...i love him more now!!!
this 'kissing' picture was taken by our little sweet heart...kenadee!!!

oh how our life has changed in 12 years...kenadee has brought a whole new meaning to the word 'love'. our family became complete with the addition of her!!!
of course, kenadee wants to wear my veil and asks about it on occasion (since last year when i got it out to wear it). i told her someday when se gets big and gets married, maybe whe will want to wear 'mommys veil'

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MICHAEL!!! you have made me the happiest, luckiest and most loved girl ever!!! heres to us and 12 years and many, many more!!!


Friday, July 17, 2009


what an event...finally kenadee's friendship party was here. she has been waiting and waiting for this day (sometimes patient, sometimes not!!). we had a total of 13 girls. the girls made 'friendship bracelets' for a craft project.
(i didn't get a pic of them making the bracelets...i was serving up some jell-o). they also got to smash a pinata full of candy and toys, which sydney was the one to break it!! we had snacks, and jell-o, and princess rings and a whole lotta FUN!!!
taylor, kenna, brielle, jillian, paige,julles, reagan, grace, lindsey, halle, sydney, & kenadee
(you may be able to see the cute bracelets they made)
they ran through the sprinklers and played on the slip & slide...

what great little friends...julles, jillian, reagan
picture no paticular order we have
halle, taylor, kenadee, jillian, julles, sydney, paige, grace, reagan, lindsey, brenley, & kenna.

friendship party cont...

after the pinata...
just chillin'...having some candy
my great helpers...
madison (my niece) and her bf brooke
we had a fantastic time. i might have to make this a summer tradition. thanks to all of kenadee's friends for being a part of her party. you are the best. and to the moms...thank you for having wonderful girls and being my friend too!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

what a great sport...

kenadee has wanted to paint her daddy's toes for quite sometime...
and he let her!!! what a fun daddy she has...don't you think??!! i wonder what the guys at work will say, or the neighbors when he is out walking with flip-flops on!!!

hey dad's...kenadee is available for toenail painting. colors available: pink and purple with sparkles!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

the NEW jeep...

i guess some body in the family has to have one...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

who would have thought...

i never would have thought that my little princess would be doing THIS...

our neighbor up the street has caught many snakes, this one is a 'gopher snake'. he says they are harmless...but to me a snake is a snake is a snake...eeks!!!!

she had the slimey thing wrapped around her arm like a piece of jewelry!!!!

he also has this dragon lizard, (i think that is what it is called) its name is marshall and he is shedding...kenadee liked to peel the skin off like a sunburn...again, eeks!!!

the snake was also starting to shed. they have not named it yet, kenadee suggested lizzy.

kenadee said it felt wierd, and his tongue tickled her arm. and now she wants to go and hold the snake again. i am not too sure about daughter has NO fear!!! (other than learning to ride her bike without training wheels...any suggestions??!!)