Thursday, June 2, 2011

'i want my hair cut short!!'

my conversation with kenadee went like this...

kenadee: i want my hair cut short.

me: really?? how short??

k: to here. (she holds her hand to her chin)

m: (again) really?? that is too short. i think you need to think about it for a few days.

k: i already have, and i want it short.

m: well i need to think about it for a few days. and you need to talk to your dad about it.

k: okay

dad: (same) really?? okay, it will be nice for moab and the summer!! not the comment i was expecting!!

so we did it...i cut my little girls hair short. and she was so excited!!! i think we took at least 7 inches off!!! wow!!!



and after...

she was so happy and excited and all smiles!!!
i asked her what she thought grandma donna was going to say and she said 'i wonder what dad is going to say'. i told her that i would be more concerned about what grandma will say. (if you know my mom, she loves everybodys hair long!!)

she has loved her hair, except for just one day...i think some friends may have said something and it probably was not meant to be mean...but she told me that she made a bad decision and wishes she wouldnt have cut it. the next day after showing it off at school, she is loving it again!!! so cute dont you think!!??