Tuesday, June 30, 2009

and the winner is...

nucors annual lagoon day...
we had a family craft day a few weeks ago to make kenadee's safety poster for lagoon day. we have made a few of these posters in the past, every child who makes a poster receives a $5-$10 gift certificate...but the winners get something bigger. we have wanted to win and this year it was our turn...
the safety slogan we came up with was...
there is only one way home from work...
the safe way!!!!
mike helped out a lot and cut out ALL of the safety equipment...glasses, hard hat etc!!!
we really had a fun time making it together as a family. kenadee was so excited when we saw the blue ribbon. (i think i was even more excited!!!!)
for making a poster kenadee got $10, and for winning
1st place she got a
$200 savings bond!!! wow...thanks nucor!!!
yes...she was soooo excited!!!!
after the safety poster prizes they have a drawing for the employees at nucor. mike has not won in quite sometime (actually the only time he has won since we have been married is about 10 years ago and it was $50!!) they were giving away $100, $200, $250 and one $500 in cash!!! mike was the big winner...
$500 cash to MIKE MUMM!!!
kenadee went on many rides, and yes...
dad and mom went on the kiddy rides too!!
she was very aware of safety this year (maybe it was the poster!!).
she asked about seat belts, how high, when does it stop, and more.
but she was our brave little girl and had a great time!!!
our favorite was rattlesnake rapids.
mike was the winner on this ride...
he got the most wet!!!
what an incredible day we had as a family...
we celebrated our winnings at tapenyaki (not sure how you spell it)
with some friends, sushi and japanese grill!!! yummmmyyyyy!!!!
one of our best days this summer!!!
hope all of you are enjoying your summer with family and friends...
be safe and have FUN!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

FuN sUmMer DaYs...FinAlLy

summer is finally here...i hope!!!
it has been a very busy week; family reunion, my birthday and fathers day.
here are our latestest adventures...enjoy!!

my delicious birthday cupcakes from the one and only, miss emily merkley. (if you have not tried her cupcakes you are missing out!!)
no pics of my birthday and the reunion...it was misrable in the rain, rain and more rain!!!
fathers day pictures...my tradition every year is to take kenadee's pictures and put them in this little frame for her daddy...here are a few.

my favorite...isn't she beautiful??!!
self portrait!!

and of course always one sitting on the bench

SumMeR DayS ConTinUeD...

of course we have had an update on charolotte... this is kenadee yesterday (25th) she is going to visit charolotte in california. she says it is very cold there. (you do remember it was very hot yesterday). she wanted me to drive her there or take a taxi. but i had to go with her or she would miss me too much!!
kenadee was not very happy when i told her we really couldn't take a taxi to california, and that it would cost 'way too much money'!!!
(don't ask...i am not sure about the pencil in the hat??!!!)
kiddie pool fun...
love this picture of jilly beene splashing

front: jilly beene, reagan, julles
back: kenadee, wade, kenna
what fun we ALL had...

yes, this is kenadee sleeping on ALL of her pillows...
i just couldn't resist taking a picture.

and this was just this morning while i was getting mike off to work...
eeeks...a mouse in our house.
he was quite a brave little mouse...he kept poking his head out from under the stove and trying to run out. then he ran for the fridge (can you believe i actually got a picture...i can't). mike bonked him on the head while he was in between the fridge and wall and took him out to the garbage...eeeeeks!!!

one last thing...you all know i am an 80's girl. i am so sad that my favorite angel farrah faucett (that i always played when i was a littl girl) died yesterday. she was an incredible woman with a beautiful smile. she will be missed.
and michael jackson...oh how i loved him. i had pictures of him taped to my wall and his poster...you know the one with him in yellow and white...he was my favorite!!! he truly was the king of pop and what an influence he had in music and dance. he too will be missed very much!!!
here is to you, our favorite angel and to mj!!!

i hope you and your families enjoy a very fun and safe summer!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

remembering Grandma C

one year ago today, june 15th my grandma passed away. it was on the morning of fathers day. the birds were singing, the sun was shining, it was a beautiful summer morning. when i walked into grandmas room there was a sense of peace all around, a quiet spiritual peace which i immediatly felt. the sun was shining through her window and cast a beautiful light on her face. she was in a much better place, a place where she was greeted by friends, her husband, and her Savior Jesus. when grandma passed away i told kenadee that grandma lives with Jesus. she asked, 'in our hearts?' yes kenadee, always in our hearts.

kenadee putting flowers on grandmas headstone at her funeral
grandma we miss you. you are our angel watching over us.
we thank you for being the special person you were to so many people.
kenadee loves balloons, and when we let them go up into the sky i tell her that we are sending the balloon to grandma. today we will let off another balloon...
we know where it will go...to our Grandma 'C'
we love and miss you...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bEsT FRiEndS

last night we were outside playing. the johnsons (mine and kenadee's best friends) are moving...
but only a few houses down the street.
kenadee stopped and talked very serious to jilly beene.
'jilly beene, you are my best friend. no matter where you move, near or far, you will always be my best friend'
jillian, julles and kenadee

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

all academy preschool graduation

kenadee graduated from preschool...wahoo!!! we are such proud parents!!!

what a cute little graduation ceremony they had...
they sang songs, had cupcakes, and had lots of smiles!!!
they also got a scrapbook of their preschool year with pictures of them
with all the letters of the alphabet...so cute!!!

teacher blaire and kenadee
(she loved her teacher)

teacher michelle (the owner) and kenadee.
what a fantastic school she has!!!

next year...KINDERGARTEN!!!