Thursday, August 26, 2010

birthday fun time flies. kenadee turned 6 and we had a weekend full of excitement and parties!!! we had a joint bday party for kenadee and judd (mikes little brother) on saturday the 21st. judd and jill had some exciting news. they are having a baby!!! we are so happy for them both!!

our little birthday girl

madison and kenadee

one of kenadees gifts from mom and dad. russian nesting dolls. she loves it!!!

cute little 'bling bling' hat from her cousin mazy!!

and a pogo stick from grandma donna and granpa andy!!

sunday we went to the lion king at the capitol theatre in salt lake

it was amazing!!! the costumes, the colors, the music, the singing...incredible!!!

kenadee and daddy leaving the theatre...just after we got rained on!!! (sorry tried to rotate and it went back to the original)

kenadee and simba with her lion king tshirt and program!!!

i highly recommend the lion king!! we all LOVED it!!!

birthday continued

kenadee celebrated her 6th birthday with her friends in style...
fancy style that is!!

make a wish and blow out the candles...she always wishes for a flying pony!!!

the fancy girls...they all made their own fancy much fun and so cute!!!

here is kenadee and her cute fancy headband!!

what a wonderful weekend of birthday celebrations!!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Answered Prayer~August 23, 2004

I cant believe it has been 6 years since our prayer was answered and our sweet little Kenadee was born!!! This day always brings back such emotions, mainly because it took us quite awhile to become parents. I must say that I am so proud to be Kenadees mommy!!

Here she is the day she was born...and the day we brought her home, one of our first family pictures!!
And Kenadees birth announcement

These pictures were taken about 2 hours after she was born!!

Dear Kenadee,
The day you were born was the happiest day of my life, and daddys too!! The room was filled with emotions, tears (happy ones), and smiles. You were so beautiful and so quiet. You had a cute little button nose, big bright eyes, and lots of dark hair. The day you were born changed our lives forever...our prayers were answered, and we are so grateful for YOU.
And of course we cant forget Whitney and Eric, the most loving, selfless, and giving people we know, thank you!!!
love you lots,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ashley mae photography giveaway!!!

hey everyone. check out ashley mae photography!!! she does an incredible job and she is having a 'GIVEAWAY' check her out and enter to win!!! she did our family pics two years ago and i love them!!!
look to your right>>>>>>>>
that is one of my favorites that she did for us!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

nebraska fun

i am trying to get my blog caught up on all of our summer time fun!!! here are some pics from our trip back to nebraska to see mikes family. long drive, short trip, lots of fun!!!
crazy nebraska boys...duane, dave, mike, ryan (cousins)
and sheldon (duanes son)
sunset in nebraska at the johnsons home...beautiful!!
you know when your in nebraska when...
the johnsons fed us another interesting dinner...
so good!!!

self portrait!! yes it was hot and humid!!!

this was on our way home to utah...kenadee finally got to go swimming. (for about 15 minutes at 8 am)
swinging at jeff and nancy mcgills

have YOU ever been in two places at one time???

the mumms...dave, madison, makena, and christine

the mcgills...jeff, jack, and nancy

the other mumms...mike, kenadee and keri

grandma edna with her great grand daughters...kenadee, madison and makena

and grandma with her handsome grandsons...

mike and dave

going for a harley ride...mike, dave and jan

cute little cousins

one of the highlights...go-carting

we had a fantastic time, wish we could have stayed longer!!
of course we made a trip to the nebraska bookstore to stock up on cornhusker apparel and memorabilia...
perfect for when mike, dave, judd, and jim go to the nebraska vs U of W game in september!!