Saturday, September 5, 2009

kenadee's first day of school...kindergarten!!!

yes i know i am a week or so late on this post. i see all of my friends' blog with their adorable children with backpacks bigger than they are, standing in line for the bus or walking into the school. well now it is my turn to share my first day of school...

we can't start school with out a 'back to school' hair cut. and kenadee said, 'lets just do it at home mom, it will be much quicker that way.' so we did her kindergarten haircut on the bathroom counter!! pretty cute don't you think!!??

this is at 'back to school night'. kenadee is now a 'panda' at providence elementary. this is 'oreo' their mascot. oreo stands for: outstanding reader at every oppurtunity!!

our little tradition we started in pre-school. i always color a heart on her hand so if she gets nervous or scared she can see the heart and remember how much i love her. she also colors one on my hand to...'so you will remember me'!!!

of course the 'back pack' picture!!!

waiting for the bus with her best friend jillian. notice mike in the background, what a great daddy he is!!! standing in line waiting for the bus was a lot of fun. seeing all the kids so excited for school. we have about 20 kids or more at our bus stop and about 7-10 are kindergarteners!!! all the moms were holding back tears...but as soon as the bus drove off with our precious children inside to begin their big adventure of school, the tears fell...
i still can't believe my little girl is growing up so quick.
we always tell her,
'no matter how big you get, you will always be our little girl'