Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kenadee's Christmas Letter 2009

I have had this tradition of writing a holiday poem for
many many years.
The past few years it has been 'Kenadee's Christmas Letter'
It is something I love to do (sometimes is takes a few days for my creative mind to start working) and I have family and friends tell me how much they enjoy it. so here it is...

'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through our home,
Dad is putting up lights, Mom and I are writing a poem.

It has been a good year spending time with my family,
We laugh and we play just Mom, Dad and Kenadee.

I learned to ride a bike and got my ears pierced too,
I am taking gymnastics, and learning to tie my own shoe.

Dad got me a barbie jeep, for himself he got a big one.
Our motto now is 'got rock?' going jeepin' is a lot of fun.

I started kindergarten, I love my teacher and my class.
We read and we write, and even do some math!

I have this friend Charlotte, she is a ghost you see.
She travels and has babies, of course she is imaginary!

I ask a lot of questions like who, why and what.
My parents give me the answers, sometimes i think they make them up.

Mom and Dad are working hard, at their jobs day and night,
taking care of their little girl and raising me right.

My parents say they love me more than I could ever know.
They are proud of their princess and our love continues to grow.

I keep adding more toys to my Christmas wish list.
Like barbies, dolls and games and a nintendo DS.

We are grateful for so much this beautiful holiday season.
Like family, friends and loved ones, and let us not forget the true reason.

Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem and the birth of baby Jesus.
How He lives in our hearts and loves each and every one of us.

May the true gifts of Christmas be yours this year.
We all send our love to family and friends so dear.

We pray that your holiday is jolly and bright,

hugs and kisses