Tuesday, February 24, 2009


this was kenadee's first time 'really' trying to eat with chopsticks!!
we went to salt lake and had lunch at 'happy sushi' at the gateway mall.
kenadee really did great with the chopsticks...she had adamame, chicken, tempura veggies, oranges (why do all sushi places give oranges??) and rice.

she never actually had a bite of a sushi roll...but are you ready for this...
she loved the fish eggs on one of our rolls and ate them like crazy!!!

mike and i really love sushi...it is our favorite and we have been craving it like crazy lately. if anyone would like to go out for sushi ...we would love to go...anytime!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

sweet kenadee

me and kenadee at her
preschool valentine party.
she is my little sweetheart!!!

so i had to post a couple of pictures and share my little moment with kenadee. i had just tucked her into bed and left her room. this is how it went:

kenadee: mom, come here (this happens a lot)
me: what do you need kenadee?
kenadee: just come here mom
me: kenadee it is past your bedtime and you need to go to sleep
kenadee: please mommy, just come in here

of course i give in and go to her room. she reaches out to me and wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a big hug. i am sure it only lasted a minute but it felt like much longer. she looks up at me and says
'mommy, you light up my whole world'
oooohhhh how my heart melted and oooohhhh how i love her and these special little moments!!!

my sweet little girl all tucked in (no this was not tonight) and of course she has her dolls and animals tucked in too!!!


8 things tag

rules are:
post rules on your blog
answer the 6 '8' items
let each person know they are tagged by leaving them a 'comment'

here goes

'8' favorite TV shows
1. greys anatomy
2. private practice
3. american idol
4. dancing with the stars
5. the biggest loser
6. the bachelor
7. oprah
8. survivor

'8' things i did yesterday
1. took kenadee to school
2. went to work
3. went to lunch with my sis-in-law christine
4. missed my husband...he is working graveyards!!!
5. read 'fancy nancy' to kenadee for our bed time story
6. called my husband to tell him goodnight
7. played on face book and my blog
8. went to sleep watching 'say anything'

'8' things i am looking forward to
1. mike being off work for a few days
2. being outside on sunny days
3. getting 'fancy' with kenadee and mike...have you read fancy nancy...that will be us this week!!! can't wait!!!
4. spring!!!
5. class at our salon on monday (will i have new do??)
6. sleeping in tomorrow morning
7. spending forever with my family!!!

'8' favorite restaurants
1. kobe japanese grill and sushi bar
2. cafe rio
3. red lobster
4. happy sushi
5. olive garden
6. watermans grill in north carolina
7. old town mexican cafe in san diego
8. hamiltons

'8' things on my wish list
1. win the lottery (hey...if your gonna wish...wish big!!!)
2. for bridges and roads to start being built...gotta have steel for that...get nucor melting lots of steel!!!
3. kenadee to stay as happy and healthy always
4. that my friend emily doesn't move too far away :(
5. that i could get warm...i am freezing right now!!!
6. to see oprah someday
7. the snow to melt and spring come...now!!!
8. to always have chocolate available

'8' people i tag
1. jamie
2. emily
3. cassie
4. kristen
5. cindy

6. ashley
7. syndee
8. jenna

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

krafty kenadee and her daddy

kenadee is in the stage where she wants to make a 'craft' about every day. (today she is making something with play doe and letting it dry). she gets a great idea and says, 'i have an invention to make' or 'lets make a project'. some of the things she comes up with are quite the 'craft' and i have saved many!!! (but there is only so much room to save all of them). what i love about these 'craft' projects are a lot of times they are daddy's idea and he does it full out!!! unfortunately i am usually at work when they are doing these fun projects so i don't get a picture of them in action. but here are a few of their finished work.

these are kenadee's binoculars. made out of a granola bar box, toilet paper rolls and a pencil for the handle. oh...i did help with this one, kenadee and i made the crown for the top. look closely and you can see the face they drew on it!

this is kenadee and daddy's drum. mike called me at work and asked where the ribbon for wrapping gifts was. i asked him why and he told me that they were making a drum. i didn't ask anything more and waited until i got home and this was the finished project. i told you he went all out on things!!!

some of my friends have told me that mike needs to be a preschool teacher because he is so 'crafty'. he could handle craft time but i think that would be about it!!

i love that he really takes the time with kenadee and does some fun things. i am not sure who enjoys it more...kenadee or mike...or me, i love to see her face beaming when i come home and she is so excited to show me what they have done.

what an amazing family i have,

i feel so blessed.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

new website...check it out

hey friends...
the kutting edge salon & spa
website is finally updated!!!
check it out...
i have a link on my side bar under
'sites i like'!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

first kiss

i knew it would happen some day but i didn't think it would be at four and half years old. yes kenadee kissed a boy...not one but actually 3!!! what am i in for?? we were at our friends house having a little party and gavins sister came downstairs and whispered in my ear, "kenadee just kissed gavin on the lips and two of the other boys on the cheek!" what!!??!!??
so i went to talk to our little kissing girl. of course kenadee was all smiles and thought it was great...the boys were a little shocked!! i told kenadee 'no more kissing'. hopefully we won't have much more 'kissing' for a long time.
mike and i and gavins parents, chris and staci, have previously talked about an arranged marriage between
gavin and kenadee. what a great story to tell of their first kiss at their wedding!!! ha ha ha!!! it won't be for al least 20 years!!!