Friday, January 1, 2010


I absolutely love Christmas. I truly believe that celebrating the holidays with family and friends, carrying on the traditions of our family and remembering the birth of our
Savior Jesus Christ is really what Christmas is all about.
Here are some of our Christmas memories from 2009!!!
On Christmas Eve Mike's family tradition is having oyster stew for dinner. Since Christine and I have married into the family we have added other soups to the menu. We get our tummies full, exchange gifts, and I always read the story of the birth of Jesus from the bible. Christine also read an incredible story called ' the Christmas Jar'.
Nothing better than family!!! Mom, Kenadee and Dad!!
Kenadee on santa's lap.

Kenadee and her doll from Grandma Betty.
Love the 'cousins' picture...all dressed up. Makena, Madison and Kenadee. their Christmas Eve jammies.

Kenadee left a letter for Santa thanking him for the gifts and of course some yummy chocolate chip cookies...Santa's favorite!!!

Christmas morning...oh how i love it. Mike and I in the past woke up before Kenadee and had coffee, opened our presents in our stocking and then woke up our little princess. We were lying in bed and Mike wanted to go wake up Kenadee (6:30am). I told him 'please let me brush my teeth and get the coffee going'. Then we heard Kenadee get out of bed and creep quietly into our bedroom. 'Good morning sweetheart' I said. 'It's Christmas. it's Christmas' she squealed. Then all she wanted of course was to open presents and see what Santa had brought her.

Looks like Kenadee got everything she asked for...and more!!! She wanted a baby alive and a nintendo ds!!

She was a little confused about the helmet. Dad surprised her with...

a four wheeler!!!!!

Mom and Dad gave her the pink nintendo ds!

This was Kenadee's present to her Dad. We dipped her hand in wax in the 'i love you' sign and then poured plaster inside to make a mold of her hand. Dad said it was his favorite gift of Christmas!!!

Their first 4-wheeler ride. Dad was a little bummed because Kenadee didn't want to go at first. Finally she went for a ride. When they got back her cheeks and nose were bright red and she said, 'that was awesome, can we go again later??!!' I am not sure who had more fun!!

Christmas afternoon we spend at my mom's with more food and presents.

Kenadee got zhu zhu pets from Grandma Donna and Grandpa Andy.

Grandma Donna and Kenadee. I love this picture.

What a very long and exciting Christmas. Kenadee all tucked in and fast asleep. (notice she is snuggling with her baby alive and it is snuggling with its teddy bear!!)

...and to all a good night!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the magic of Christmas this year...

I know we did!!!