Saturday, March 28, 2009

shabby apple

i just heard that SHABBY APPLE is having a contest. they are looking for a 'picture princess'. of course i think my little kenadee is the perfect picture princess. the dresses are so adorable with bright colors and fun prints. kenadee loves pictures and loves to dress up in cute dresses...her smile is beautiful and she loves to show off her personality. kenadee would be perfect for this!!! there are so many cute dresses to choose but i have to say my favorite is 'fields of gold'. i love the yellows and oranges and the big flower print. kenadee looks so cute in the bright colors!!
little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby, go to

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the haircut of cuteness!!!

we knew she would want it sooner or later!!!
kenadee told me a few weeks ago that she wanted her hair cut. i told her she had to ask her dad if it was okay...thinking he would talk her out of it!!
instead he said, 'are you sure you want to cut it?'
kenadee says 'yes, to my shoulders!'
dad said 'okay!' of course she wanted me to do it right then!!! i told
her we would make a very special appointment at mommys salon.
we had it set for last friday after school. that morning she was so excited and told me she wanted it 'cut to here' which was by her ears!!! i said that was too short, and she wouldn't be able to wear ponytails (thinking that would change her mind) nope...she said she didn't want any more ponys!!! well...i was not about to cut my little girls hair that short!!! she is still my baby!!! she is at her first 'salon' haircut!! she had the full experience, shampoo, cut and style!!!
she thought she was 'all that!!'

almost finished...
looking pretty cute!!
and here she is...
my little girl with her
'big girl hair cut'
what a little sweet heart...
my little girl...kenadee

Thursday, March 12, 2009

twilight...the second time!!! some friends and i went to see 'twilight' again. this was my second time as well as stephanie and for emily and katie it was their fourth!!! i have to say the second time was better. but the best part was seeing james!!! i know i know...he is the bad vampire, but damn, could he be any hotter!!!??? emily and i had a little debate over which one was cuter, she of course loves edward...yes he is very cute and sweet and the perfect boyfriend!!! but just look at eye candy!!! he could bite me anytime, anywhere!!! and those abs, and those sexy 'i'm coming to bite you' eyes...i mean...damn!!!! i am just very sad that they used cam gigandet to play 'james'...he shouldn't have been killed off...he needed to be in every 'twilight' movie!!! why couldn't he be one of the cullens??
so...what do YOU think??? who do you think is the hotter vampire (excluding personalities...we all know edward wins that one) husband definitely wins for hottest real person...this is just fantasy!!! love you mike, your the best for me in my real world!!! this picture was taken on our anniversary in july (11 years). i always put on my veil for a picture...i know kind of corny but lots of fun!!! mike really is the sexiest!!! i mean damn...

Monday, March 9, 2009

is it ever going to stop...SNOWING!!!

my husband called at 7 am to see if i had looked outside, (he is working graveyards) of course i was up and trying to get koko (our puppy) to go potty. and yes i had to shovel a little walk for her. i thought i would be a good wife and start to clean off the driveway. i got enough for mike to get into the garage and for me to get out so i could get kenadee to school.
i measured the snow on our garbage can and it was
17 inches!!!!

when we got back from school (12:00) i decided to snow blow the rest.
it took me over an hour and i could go back and do it AGAIN!!
like i said...

this is our front side walk about 10 minutes after i was finished snowblowing...and it is still coming down!!!
well kenadee...we are homebound for the day...
i think we will skip dance today!!