Thursday, February 17, 2011

lost tooth...

well, last week mike went to alabama for work. when he left on monday he told kenadee that her tooth would probably be out by the time he got home on friday night. she started to worry on thursday when it wasnt out yet. i told her it wasnt quite ready.

on friday night we were having 'tickle time' and i threw kenadee over my shoulder, she must have knocked koko with her mouth, she started screaming, 'its out, its out!!!' i turn around and she has her tooth in her hand and her mouth is full of blood!!! of course you dont want to scare them more and freak out over all the blood, so i just started laughing and telling her that her tooth DID come out before dad got home!! after it stopped bleeding she was very very excited. and of course we had to send pictures to dad!! here she is...

the tooth fairy brought $3...because it was her third tooth she lost. i hope she doesnt think she will be getting $4, then $5 and so on!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

story teller

i know i have not posted in quite sometime. i actually tried to post some Christmas pictures but for some strange reason (me being dumb i am sure) half of the pics didnt download/upload or what ever type of loading they do!! oh well...

on to my story.

as you all know i have a very busy, active and imaginative 6 year old daughter named kenadee. today i went to pick her up at my moms after work and my mom asked me about kenadees dentist and her teeth. the reason my mom was asking is because kenadee had told her something that she had never heard of before about her teeth and dentist. kenadees top front tooth is very wiggly, (we cant wait for it to come out. i love the looks of little kids without their front teeth!!) a couple of days after kenadee went for her cleaning it looked like she had lost a tooth. the space between her front tooth and the next one was much bigger. she even said her tooth came out because she could 'stick her tongue through it'. i looked at it thinking maybe it chipped or something...nope. so when i went for my cleaning i asked the hygienist about it. she said it was normal and that sometimes your jaw will grow and it will make bigger spaces between your baby teeth. okay...great!!! of course kenadee was there with me so i am not sure where she came up with this one!!!

this is how the conversation went when my mom asked about it'

kenadee: "when i went to the dentist last week he had to put me to sleep so he could move my front tooth over a little bit. if he didnt do that, then when my other tooth grew in it would touch the other one and scratch it. that would be very bad"

grandma: "really?? why would he do that, i have never heard of such a thing. did it hurt??"

kenadee: "not really, well actually when i woke up it hurt a little when i touched it"

my mom was very confused, 'do they really do that?' she thought. listening to kenadee tell a story, true or made up, it sounds very believable!! she told the exact story to her grandpa and again to her grandma. where does she come up with this stuff!!?? my little story teller!!!