Sunday, August 23, 2009

our birthday girl

so many memories come back to us on this day...what an amazing day, or as kenadee would say, 'the best day of my entire life'. the day our little girl was born was the best day of our life!!! it is hard to believe that it was 5 years ago!!! we are the luckiest parents to have kenadee as our daughter. we are so proud of her. what a beautiful, smart, fun, energetic, sassy too, and sweet little lady she is becoming!!
she is 5...of course she wants a
'hannah montana' birthday cake!!!
and the movie!!!

make a wish...
her wish was that 'everyone in our house would be a family for always!!'

thanks to:
whitney and erik. for giving us the greatest gift of all.
for making our wishes, prayers and dreams come true.
kenadee for being our best little girl,
and bringing such a happy spirit to our home.
we feel so blessed that God has given us so much...especially our family!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

learning to ride...

well this post is long over of july 24th kenadee is riding her bike with out training wheels. we helped her as much as she would let us, but then it was all her and we couldn't even touch the bike!!! all of the sudden she was off, in a left turn circle!!!
she could only turn left, and could not go down the sidewalk. and when she did try the sidewalk it was like a drunk bicyclist!!! i think it was too narrow, she needed more room (like the road!!)
she was so excited to wake up her daddy (he was on graveyards) to show him her big accomplishment. and what a proud daddy he was!!!

we were worried with the new barbie jeep she wouldn't want to ride her bike, well...all she wants to do is 'ride her bike without training wheels'. she is doing much better and learned quickly how to turn right, and to go down the sidewalk...straight!!! she has crashed a couple of times and has scrapes and bruises but she says that is part of riding a bike!!!

her favorite thing to say is...'i can't believe i got my ears pierced (still), and i can ride my bike without training wheels.' and this week it is the above with 'i can't believe i start kindergarten in 2 days, and it is my birthday in 4 days and i will be 5!!'

mom and dad can't believe it either!!! our little girl turning 5 years old, riding the bus, going to school, growing up...

Monday, August 3, 2009

hApPy BirThdAY...DEENA

today is my friend deena's here is a little
HapPy BirThDaY to DeEnA!!
we have been friends since about 5th or 6th grade!!! we would walk to school together in middle and junior high...we were pretty good kids. then we went into high school...we were still pretty good kids we just started sluffing a little bit. there were 3 of us, keri, deena and shay. i won't mention how many times we sluffed and went to springville...and got caught!!! and how deena could make up an excuse or reason why we were there to the principal!!! i won't say what deena did in the mcdonalds bathroom!!! but i will say that we had a great time!!
deena...thanks for being such an incredible friend over the years.
celebrate big, eat a lot of birthday cake...and wish BIG!!! i hope your day is filled with many bright and happy moments!!!
love ya!!!