Thursday, April 15, 2010

our soccer girl...

the long awaited soccer season has started. we got the jersey (kenadee chose #20), the shin guards, the socks, and the cleats. we met the coach and had a 15 minute practice right before our first game.
'skinners' team kicked some soccer butt and won!!!

our little soccer girl

practicing up before the game

go yellow team!!!!
and she is chasing the ball.
the coach told us he was worried about getting everyone in to play and having to take players out so others could go in. he didn't have this problem with kenadee...she told him when she needed a break!!
so this was her first game and her team did fantastic. and her coach is great.
i didn't get pics of her second game but i have to tell you about it.
so kenadee was doing really well, but started feeling bad because she wasn't able to kick the ball!!?? she actually started crying and i was not sure at first what was wrong until i went to talk to her. she just wanted to kick the ball and make a goal. 'i haven't kicked it and made a goal...that is all i want to do'. her coach and his dad were so great and kept telling her to 'believe' she could do it. he told her she had to stop crying and when she was ready he would put her back in. the coaches dad kept saying,' you have to tell yourself you 'can do it'. and was telling her where to be and how to get the ball. (he was fabulous!!!) she told me to go sit with dad and after another minute she was back in the game. it was right before half time and kenadee got the ball and took it down the field and MADE HER FIRST GOAL!!! it was so awesome, i don't know who was more or her!!! (good thing i had sunglasses on because i got BIG tears in my eyes...hey, i was very proud!!!) it was perfect and i didn't even get a picture of it. her coaches were so proud of her and told her that they knew she could do it!! it was amazing the positve attitude and motivation from her coaches. they really are incredible!!
oh...and we kicked some soccer butt again and won!!!
the time we were cheering for kenadee i guess we had a little earthquake...i called my mom to tell her kenadee had scored and she said her couch had just been shaking. i didn't believe her...i thought she was thinking crazy. but she called me back about 5 minutes later and said we did have an earthquake!!! i guess i should listen and believe my mom!!!
oh how proud we are of our little soccer player...
but we have to tell her..."there's no crying in soccer!!!"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

i know...i has been awhile. but i am back!!

yes i know. it has been quite sometime since i have 'blogged'. so here is a little update on what our family has been up to.

~in february i took kenadee to 'annie' at the eccles was fantastic.

~the mumms are officially a jeep family. now i have my own jeep. mike got me a grand cherokee for is even red!! kenadee...barbie jeep, wrangler, and now me!!)

~we spent valentine weekend in boise with judd & jill and had a very relaxing weekend watching the olympics!! i love the olympics...especially apollo!!!

~for Christmas kenadee got a gift card for build a bear. we finally made it to SLC and she got to build her special bear 'rainbow'

~my great husband got a raise at work...that is saying something about nucor, especially in this crazy world now. i am so proud of him!

~in march it was my turn to host our monthly bunko night. i decided to do an 80's theme. oh what an 'awesome' time we had!!!

do you recognize anyone???

~kenadee is doing great in school and is reading really well!! a little sassy at times and always likes to be the leader. she is our little sweetie and she makes us so proud!!

~the winter has been long and we can't wait for summer. we have a trip to moab planned in june with our jeepin' friends...the maryott's and the orduno's.

~Easter was great (other than mike was working graveyards) my brother and his family came up and we had the traditional dinner and easter egg hunts at grandma donnas!! it was fabulous!

~the easter bunny left kenadee some great spring toys, like a new bike (didn't get that in the photo), sidewalk chalk, spring dresses, shorts and shoes, and of course some new sunglasses!
finding the easter eggs

how beautiful is our sweet little girl in her new easter dress!!??

~easter isn't all about the bunny and candy. we can't forget what easter is all about. and i am so glad that kenadee knows all about Jesus and what he did for us ALL!!

~my great friend deena and her daughter came up to logan to visit over spring break. we had so much fun. i don't believe we have spent that much time together since high school. it was great!!

~kenadee has been wanting a pajama party with her friends. so over spring break we planned a little party with pj's, movies, crafts and lots of fun. oh and of course popcorn!!

front: julles, reagan, kenna back: jillian, macie, kenadee

well that is about it...winter was pretty long. now that spring is on its way and summer to follow i am sure we will have lots more excitement to 'blog' about!!!

smiles to you all and thanks for the friendship!!