Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

'tis the season

Kenadee's Christmas Letter 2010
Twas the weeks before Christmas & all through our home,
i am excited for santa & mom is writing my poem.
daddy's been busy at Nucor, working days & even at night.
mommy is at the Kutting Edge, doing hair just right.
spring & fall i played soccer, the ball i did take.
i scored my first goal...during our earthquake!
to moab & bear lake we went this summer.
with our family & friends it couldn't have been funner.
dad has his wrangler, now mom has a cherokee,
i have a barbie one, we are a jeep family.
i started first grade & i like it a lot.
i am learning to read...i just cant stop!
i love to make up songs, i sing them so good.
i play & i dance & almost always do as i should.
what i really want for Christmas is my two bottom teeth
i lost them both within the same week.
i keep asking mom if santa is true.
she tells me to 'believe' & i will see very soon.
Christmas is here & santa will soon come
to leave toys & presents to each & every one.
but i also know the true meaning of Christmas
its the birth of Jesus & the love he has for us.
may you feel in your hearts the love that we send
this Christmas season to our family & friends.
with our health & lots of love our family is blessed,
we pray for a new year full of happiness.
together our family is ready for the season
spreading good cheer, there is no better reason.
may your Christmas be filled with holiday delight
~kenadee mumm
i hope you ALL enjoy this beautiful Christmas season!!