Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter is always a big event at my moms. Easter egg hunts for the kids, coloring eggs, lots of yummy food, and fun for all!! this year was great. my brother and his family came up on friday evening. kenadee spent the entire day on saturday with her cousins charlie and hali. saturday was my brothers birthday so they all went out for dinner without me, i was working!!! the Easter egg hunt was that evening. this year each grand child had their own color of Easter eggs. it was fabulous...they could only find and pick up 'their' color!!! no arguing over who found more!!!


charlie bug...yellow!!!!!

after finding eggs and coloring some at grandmas it was time to get home and color our own eggs for the Easter bunny to hide!!

our 'groovy' Easter eggs!!! all finished!!

here is what the Easter bunny brought for kenadee. books, swim suits, games and candy!!! and again this year the Easter bunny did not hide the colored eggs. he was too worried they would go rotten not being in the fridge all night! he did leave kenadee a note saying that he delivered the toys to the good children first so he couldnt hide the eggs and have them spoil. she wrote him a note back saying. "der Ester bunny, thanks. I love you. ples hid my eggs necst yer. Love: Kenadee"

i sure hope the 'easter bunny' can get up early enough to do it next year!!

so mom hid the eggs for kenadee to find!

and she found them all. with a little help with the really hard ones!!

kenadee and dad reading one of her books, silverlicious. very cute story!!

kenadee and her Easter dress. it came with a matching dress for her doll.

so sweet and beautiful.

after having our Easter breakfast, our traditional creamed eggs over toast with bacon, we went to grandma donnas and grandpa andys for a yummy dinner of ribs, potatoe salad, and ice cream cake...delicious!!!

heidi and hali

swinging on the swing at grandmas. kenadee...

...and hali.

i love 'smiley hali'. sometimes she is 'scali hali'. she doesnt always like her picture taken!!

Easter was fabulous this year. and we even had some warm weather!!

i hope you all had a great Easter weekend and remembered the reason for this beautiful season.

Easter means a lot. it's all about God's son. God sent Jesus down to earth to die for everyone.

He had to die upon a tree, to save us from our sin. but He was only dead three days, and then He rose again.

today he sits right next to God in heaven up above. He wants t live inside you too and fill you up with love.

the Easter bunny is okay, and Easter eggs are fun. but Easter's not about that stuff ITS ALL ABOUT GOD'S SON.

this was taken from kenadee's book what is Easter. i love it